Welcome to the Smart Construction and Intelligent Infrastructure Systems (SCIIS) Lab at NJIT!

Engineering a Better Future and Environment...

About the SCIIS Lab

The SCIIS lab is located in 323 Colton Hall in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)


Vision of the lab

The vision of the SCIIS lab is to become a world-class research hub by developing, validating, promoting, and translating smart, intelligent, and feasible solutions to face emerging challenges in the construction and infrastructure industry and to benefit society.

The lab aims to bring pioneering research and systems to the world by providing an excellent academic research environment with strong ties to industries and communities to address real problems.

The lab's goal is to provide an interdisciplinary framework to produce impactful ideas, education, outreach, and experiences by researching and assessing new ways and technologies.


Vision of the lab

The mission of the SCIIS lab is to expand knowledge by developing cutting-edge research, educating future leaders, nurturing generations of outstanding engineers and scholars, and developing and supporting communities.

The objective of the lab is to provide state-of-the-art, ready to use, well maintained infrastructure and research facilities and to incubate a rotating set of real-world engineering research projects focused on providing top-notch products and services.

The lab focuses on building and implementing the latest developments in theories and applications to lead innovation in the construction and infrastructure area.


Vision of the lab

The lab promotes equal, tolerant, and respectful inter-and intra- group relations and allows communities to better understand and address the barriers that stand in the way of having a better and optimal environment and infrastructure.

The lab is devoted to graduate engineers equipped with exceptional skills and entrepreneurial mindsets and who will catalyze a transformation in the workforce, make impact in their communities, and contribute in new and creative ways to the economy.

The lab's facilities and resources are dedicated to design, develop, and advance sustainable and resilient remedies to solve societal problems and to meet real user needs.